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“Breezy Art” exists at the crossroads of art and technology, investigating the spirit of our time. It promotes digital art and crypto art (NFTs), through curation and creation of content. 

It is a new concept of the art gallery that aims to create a more self-sustainable structure, wherein artists and art are made to own their own value and where a new form of open economy distances itself from the secrecy and closeness that have been characterizing the art world thus far. This shift is supported immeasurably by new technologies such as blockchain. 

“Breezy Art” is an attempt to create bridges between the worlds of technology and contemporary art. Accepting the fact that we live in a transitory time, our mission is that of proposing new aesthetics and systems through the use of an understandable language, to create a point of contact between the older and newest generations of the art world. This evolution of dialogue is a continuum that shouldn’t be divided or classified.

Despite its strong presence on the web through virtual exhibitions and interactive approaches, one of the main missions of “Breezy Art” is to take digital and crypto art to physical spaces and curate art shows all over the world. Behind each location where the exhibitions take place there is a deep research of the artistic and cultural language of that specific locale. This research creates an environment that visitors understand and while feeling open to newness.

“Breezy Art” ‘s remarkable peculiarity is curation. Taking into account the paradigm shift that digital and new technologies, especially blockchain, have brought both from the point of view of collecting but also in the role of galleries and curators, Breezy Art focuses on the creation of content and on the promotion of cultural events, a new aesthetic and a new language. Thus filling that void that too often relegates crypto art to a phenomenon of sales volumes and speculation. Curation is fundamental to create content and real value for art. Every project is curated; every artist has their stories told; every piece has a narration.
We support digital art and the digital realm, although always keeping a physical component – either in the way of showing it or part of the art piece itself – which we believe to be an essential element of human nature. As all of us are containers of souls, the source from which art will continue to be birthed through new and exciting forms.


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